Professional Certificate in Financial Market Analysis Testimonials

“The topic is very timely given the current market condition and every bit of the topic was simplified by the speaker.”
Elcid S. Reyes
Batch 1 Participant

“Learned a lot from the seminar. Will recommend it to others.”
Mary Daphne Bereciarte
Batch 1 Participant

“I commend the RFP organization for coming up as always with relevant crystal information to guide people like me who
enthusiastically wants to expand my knowledge in finance world. Most especially personal investing in different investment opportunities out there that will give me the maximized benefit through effective and strategic asset class allocation.”

Roderick L. Trangia
Batch 1 Participant

“Session is very helpful and Informative”
Paolo Fernand Estrabo
Batch 1 Participant

“Explains very well the topics that is easy to understand”
Sheila Marie Gonzales
Batch 1 Participant

“Excellent presentation which leads to a healthy discussion”
Richter Ray Ritual
Batch 1 Participant

“Great training, gave me a good view on different investment analysis”
Alvin Manese
Batch 1 Participant