The AFP® Certification

About the Associate Financial Planner (AFP®) Certification

Statistics show that more and more people seek advice from financial planning professionals to alleviate the negative impact of unstable economies  Thus, because of these people, a career in financial planning will be filled with opportunities and challenges. However, even if many people turn to financial advisors for advice,  the dilemma arises in choosing the right financial planner for them, as an increasing number of people in the financial services industry call themselves "financial advisers." Therefore, there is a need for true financial planning professionals to differentiate themselves and demonstrate confidently that they are truly competent and capable.


This differentiation can be achieved by choosing to become an Associate Financial Planner (AFP®), a professional designation awarded by the Registered Financial Planners Philippines.

Become an Associate Financial Planner (AFP)®

The public is looking for a financial planner who has demonstrated a commitment to competency, and financial professionals want an established certification that will set them apart in the globally expanding financial planning profession. As an AFP®, you can energize and revitalize your career by leveraging the knowledge and prestige associated with one of the world's most recognized financial planning certification.

Benefits of the AFP® Certification

  • Immediate recognition from clients, peers and employers with AFP® designation after your name
  • Strict eligibility criteria means only a selected few are priviileged to hold this designation.
  • Provides a good starting point for professional who have the necessary skills sets and knowledge in basic personal financial planning.
  • Provides an interim designation while you are pursuing the Registered Financial Planner (RFP®) quantification in the future.
  • Become part of the preeminent financial planning organization in the country, the Association of RFPs in the Philippines with numeruos benefits, including access to technical sessions, events, seminars and conferences.

How to Become an Associate Financial Planner®

AFP® appplicants must:

  1. Successfully complete Associate Financial Planning Program of the Registered Financial Planner (RFP®) Program.
  2. Possess the following number of years of relavant work experience and corresponding education requirement: (a) 1 year for degree holders or (b) 3 years for applicants who are undergraduates.
  3. Adhere to the Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility of RFPI Philippines.
  4. Acquire 15 hours of Continuing Education credit per year from accredited providers