Why Get Certified?

Why Get Certified?


1. You can easily communicate your expertise and credibility as a financial planner.

Being a RFP® certifies that you have met the education, examination, experience, and ethics requirements of the Institute. RFP® certification expresses your expertise and credibility among your peers, and clients view RFP® certification as an indication of a qualified, reliable financial planner.


2. You can enhance your career and professional growth outlook.

There is a trend among large financial services firms that make RFP® certification a part of their hiring requirements for financial planning services while other companies reward achievement of the certification with salary increases. The RFP® certification gives you an international appeal that enhances your career opportunities.


3. You can become a financial adviser.

As a RFP® practitioner, you will advise clients on how to solve financial issues and achieve life goals. You will help your client discover their financial needs and plan their cash flow requirements at present and in the future.


4. You can increase your earning capacity.

As in any of the recognized professions, a certain level of competence is expected and financially rewarded by your employers and clients. The RFP® qualification helps you establish your competence in financial planning.


Who can become RFP®?

Take a look at the RFP Philippines Certification Process