How to Hire an RFP®


Most people think that all financial planners are same but this is not true. Only those who have fulfilled the certification and membership requirements of the RFP Philippines can display the RFP® mark. When selecting a financial planner, you need to feel confident that the person you choose to help you plan for your future is competent and ethical. The RFP® certification provides that sense of security by allowing only those who meet the following requirements the right to use the RFP® certification marks. RFP Philippines provides professional development resources to its members to improve their consulting skills and ethical sensitivities. It also provides resources to hiring managers to help them successfully identify, select, manage and evaluate consultants. A Registered Financial Planner (RFP®) in your area may be available to provide an in-house workshop.

Use the Inquiry form to request information on arranging to have an RFP® consultation.

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