“OMG! Where did your sweldo go?” By Lianne Martha Laroya, RFP

A self-published financial book written by a passionate writer, Lianne Martha Laroya wrote a book from her very own labor of love. “OMG! Where did your sweldo go?” encourages Filipinos to prepare for their own financial freedom while enjoying the present as well. At the age of 19, Lianne started the blog The Wise Living hoping to help youths like her to attain financial freedom, a productive lifestyle and an overwhelmingly happy life.
A book filled with tips, stories and inspiration for its readers, Lianne shares her 9 secret sweldo tips to be a 20-something millionaire. This is a definitely recommended book for millennials to learn about creating a personal millionaire meaning, adapting a consistent saving habit, understanding the stock market and of course giving back to the community.
Start investing on your knowledge so grab a copy today!

BOOK CORNER: “OMG! Where did your sweldo go?”