Professional Certificate in Investment Analysis and Portfolio Construction

Professional Certificate in Financial Market Analysis Testimonials

“I’ve learned a lot through this webinar.”
Michael Arce
Batch 1 Participant

“Very useful and helpful in sights in building my portfolio”
Germaine Ruby Japona
Batch 1 Participant

“The course gave me a different perspective on investing and how to properly construct a portfolio that would manage risks and returns in any market condition.”
Jeff Henry Miaga
Batch 1 Participant

“The event is great and mind-boggling. But with the expertise of the speaker, the topic was explained really well. Hope to have more of this in the future. Thank you.”
Reynante Villanueva Aranda
Batch 1 Participant

“Learn from the speaker to add value to my clients in making more informed investment decisions. “
John Louie Custodio
Batch 1 Participant

“I really felt I got a lot out of the training—I truly appreciated it! “Very useful and informative.” I really thought it was good for me as a newcomer to this world of investing.”
Rogel Balayo Bañares
Batch 1 Participant