RFP Philippines and AFA


Do you want to study about financial analysis and learn about value investing? Another program co-promoted by the Registered Financial Planners (RFP®) Philippines can surely help you and it is the Accredited Financial Analyst (AFA) program.

The term value investing is widely used in the financial industry. Typically means buying stocks with low ratio of price to book value, low price-earnings ratio or a high dividend yield, this program can provide a deeper understanding to this concept. The AFA program provides an introduction to the basic tools used by equity analysts, investment bankers and appraisal firms to value a business. Its AFA qualification is also one of the most highly respected and valued qualifications available internationally.

Get a chance to study more about value investing and acquire a global qualification all in one program. RFP Members are offered great discounts for AFA so reserve your slot today! You may call (02) 225-3707 or visit AFA website http://afaphilippines.org/

RFP Philippines and AFA