RFP® Testimonials

“The RFP Program added me a lot of valuable learnings and insights which I can use to better serve my clients as a Financial Advisor.”

John Philip Jugo
Sun Life of Canada (Philippines), Inc.
Licensed Financial Advisor

“I have learned valuable insights on how to plan my finances properly. I hope to be an instrument of change and help my patients/clients improve their physical/emotional health but also their financial well-being. Thank you very much RFP.”
Faith M. Crisostomo
FCMC Wellness Center

“The RFP Program is indeed a holistic approach to manage and improve one’s finances. As a financial advisor, it made me see how big is my role in the financial plans of my clients and how it can impact their goals and dreams. Moving forward, I feel more equipped in helping them achieve a better tomorrow while enjoying today. Kudos!”

Verma Salvoro
Sun Life
Financial Advisor

“I enrolled in this program for personal growth to further my knowledge and understanding on financial matters. Pleasantly, the past eight sessions of the RFP program has been helpful to me and has given me tools and learnings which I can use on my own to make sound financial decisions and improve my financial health and fitness. The topics were very interesting and very useful. It was discussed well and with real life examples that are enlightening and relatable.”

Patty Rose Esdio
Pharmacist I

“The program helps me to expand my knowledge and skills as a financial advisor. I recommend it to those who want to level up their practice and better our clients.”

Richard Vallente
Pru Life UK
Financial Consultant

“Program consists of a well thought curriculum and the speakers are experts in the topics assigned to them. Classes were lively and even though it was held via zoom, active participation was still there. Learned a lot of concepts that are definitely useful for my career and also for my personal use.”

Maricris Melisse Baylon
AIA Philippines (Philam Life)
Financial Advisor

“I have learned a lot from the RFP program. The sessions took away my bias in selling insurance and shifted my focus on the client and his needs.”

Paul Vincent Artacho
Sun Life
Financial Advisor

“The sessions help build confidence. The attendee comes out of the event more skilled, more confident to make sound financial decisions. Worth every penny!”

Mae Mendoza

“This event helped me become equipped as a financial advisor so I could help my clients in every aspect of their finances, not just my clients but also myself and my family.”

Sarah Isabelle P. Mansujeto
Sun Life of Canada Philippines
Financial Advisor

“It has always been my goal to enroll in the RFP program ever since I started working in the insurance industry. However, after losing my father to Covid-19 and being left with challenges in our finances, I realized that it’s high time that I take financial planning seriously. I’m grateful that I had the opportunity to join this batch and learn from the experts in the field. One of the best parts is that I was able to do it from the comforts of my home and did not need to travel to Manila (so, more economical for me!). The lessons I’ve learned are practical, timely, and very useful not only for writing my own and my family’s financial plan, but also for my friends and potential clients. The RFP program taught me how to do financial planning holistically, but also uniquely for every individual. I still have a lot to learn, but this program also opened more opportunities for me to further educate myself to become a better financial advisor and to help more people in managing their finances.”

Joey April P. Estante
Financial Advisor
AIA Philippines