I’ve been in the finance profession for over 10 years, studied accounting and finance in the context of corporations and big funds. But after attending this course, I’ve realized that personal finance is different and more important. I’ve learned the science and the behavior behind it.

Suarez, Katherine R.
Bank officer
Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas
Batch 28

The RFP® program is worth the travel from Baguio to Manila on 8 weekends. The lessons are priceless and very helpful in my practice as a financial advisor. I am able to give my clients the best advice and to meet their life goals, but more importantly I am now able to use the FP principles in my own household finance decisions and meet our family’s life goals. Great program RFP!

Espique, Dennis
Insurance Advisor
Manu Life
Batch 29

The program is very informative. Coming from a medical background, I gained a very useful knowledge in the financial world. I would definitely apply the concepts I have learned here in my daily journey towards financial independence. All the speakers have authority in their respective fields. Kudos to you guys!

Ditangco, Abraham
Financial Adviser
Manu Life
Batch 29

I am a regular subscriber of “Money Sense” and I often come across the page of “RFP®”. I have been planning to enroll in this program for seven months and finally, I am already in the program. As I have expected, I gained the knowledge that I was looking for. With the new knowledge that I have gained, I was already able to apply it by trying to invest in UITFS and MFS. I am also now more confident in teaching my friends and family on how to be financially literate if not yet financially independent. Overall, this program was very helpful and very informative. Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge. Hope you continue what you are doing in helping others to be financially literate and eventually attain financial freedom. OPA!

Reyes, Carmela
Financial Adviser
Manu Life
Batch 29

This RFP® program enriched my knowledge in financial planning especially on matters related to retirement and estate planning. I think I am now better equipped to handle my clients’ needs and more so my family’s financial program.

Carmen, Suzette
Financial Adviser
Insular Life
Batch 29

Working in the insurance industry is very rewarding, knowing that you can be very instrumental in protecting/pursuing goals and dreams. Undergoing through the RFP program further enhanced my skills, and improved my knowledge. With these tools available, I am more convinced that it is an obligation to apply, and share them to people I know.

Lagonera, Manuel Antonio
Life Planner
Sony Life Insurance (Phils.) Corp.
Batch 29

I definitely learned a lot from this class which I will be able to use in my profession. The speakers are generous in sharing their calculations/tools. The speakers start and end class on time but Randell tend to stay too long on side stories. On the first part, took him 90 minutes to actually start the lesson proper. Foods were great especially the smoked salmon wrap and lasagna – except for the muffins!

Yumul, Shelly Grace
Manager Candidate
Sun Life Financial of Canada Phil. Inc
Batch 29

The program has helped instill in me an advocacy I can help promote and nurture. I realize now that financial planning is really something that needs to be shared and taught. In my own small way, I will help promote financial planning as an advocacy.

Reyes, Alejo
Relationship Manager
Batch 29

I have been in the financial services for more than a decade now, and just when I thought I know everything I need to know, then came the RFP program – sharper concepts, very competent speakers and practitioners. Attending the RFP course makes me want to be a better sales trainer, saver, investor and responsible parent.
More power to RFP®, Cheers!

Matienzo, Santiago
Training Director
PNB Life Insurance
Batch 29

This program has helped me in many ways. It has improved the way I conduct business, to make it more holistic, with integrity and by putting the client’s best interest before mine. This allowed me to look at following financial planning, also as an advocacy in helping people reach their financial goals at the best way and at the least cost. I highly recommend this program.

De Vera, Ryan
Financial Advisor
Philam Life
Batch 29