Taking the course was not so easy for me. I travelled almost 1,000 kms every session (500 kms from Legaspi to Manila, vice versa) but I enjoyed the journey. Successful people are those who are willing to pay the ride and get out of their comfort zone.

If your dream is big enough, the facts don’t count.

Financial literacy for me is one of the most effective ways in developing and building wealth. With the RFP Program, I can now fully take charge of my financial future.

Albello, Reigfred P.
Collecting Officer
Batch 33

I learned a lot from the speakers, gained a lot of new insights regarding personal finance and financial planning, and acquired enthusiasm and inspiration from the lecturers. Thanks!

Magsino, Jester L.
Sr. Internal Auditor
Batangas Ii Electric Cooperative Inc
Batch 33

The seminar is so much helpful for me in my financial obligation and hopefully ma-encourage ko mga anak ko mag attend to help them manage ang kanilang mga finances.

More power to RFP Mentor and to the Institute.

Castillo, Maria Luisa
Prulife U.K.
Batch 33

Opportunity to grow is through education by learning skills needed to the profession. And one of my ways to do it is to invest in seminars and things like this. RFP® program is worth investing and quite a paradigm shift for me that I will implement it first in my personal finance needs by changing the way I behave financially. I wanted to be a part of this revolutionary financial literacy advocacy and be an instrument of change.Thank you!

Gabas, Eric

The whole program of RFP® is very helpful and effective to apply especially to my personal living, though it’s applicable in some kind of organizations, business and families. It’s just that RFP® Program really changed my mindset not only on financial needs but also on how to manage life, dreams and plans to have a better future. I don’t blame my parents if I was born poor, I believe it’s not their fault or want, but if I die being poor (still), it’s my fault. That’s why this RFP® is really a big help for me, though my interest is for my personal improvement.

Sabarillo, Rafael

I have always been interested in personal finance and I consider myself financially literate. However, attending the RFP® Program introduced me to a wide range of concepts that I can apply to my personal finance and eventually a future career in financial planning.

Nunez, Katrin

Great program!!! (It) opened my eyes to a deeper understanding of financial planning, which I can and will apply to my own financials as well as our clients who are in great need of assistance. I believe that this is what exactly the government should be advocating because this is what the Filipino people need. A financially literate country, where the gap between the rich and poor is bridged by not wealth, but how people manage their wealth. After all, everyone is a millionaire, but only a few realize it.

Bertulfo, Mark Rey

The RFP® Program is like studying at the university again. Only this time, learning is more meaningful. Having worked as an investment analyst in a more-dynamic stock market in the past, I have realized how important financial literacy is. Now self-employed and running a learning center, I wish to impress upon my colleagues, employees and our community (young students and their parents) the value of investing in particular and financial planning in general. Personal financial planning traverses entire life cycles and generations. I have learned so much in 8 weeks, matters beyond money – life goals, values… RFP® seems fuse of happy people. We, students, must have laughed 80% of the time from Module 1 through 8. Overall… Interesting, entertaining… value-packed!

Valenciano, Maria Liza

It’s certainly great, and helped me a lot to learn more about the financial management that will help me more to manage my personal finances as well as my client’s financial management suitable to their goals. This RFP® Program is very relevant, practical and clear to the objectives, methods, and regulations that are now needed in the growing industries of financial planning. I’m looking forward to grow as an RFP® and seeing myself practicing it as a professional one in the near future.

Austria, Jayson

“Better lives” are not achieved by good economic fundamentals, financial market boom and the like, it is achieved when Filipinos learn to be more prudent- “when they plan ahead for the future .” The RFP program gives you that jumpstart, then you commit to spread the word.

Cabognason, Mark