RFP® Testimonials

“I’m encouraging everyone to join the RFP Program. Even those without finance backgrounds, they provide a very straight forward tool to manage, grow and protect your money/asset. It truly boils down to planning your finances and executing it.”

Ocampo-Tan, Michelle Brendy C.
Premier Associate

“During the short period of time that I have attended the RFP program. I have improved my cash flow and financial behavior. What is great about the RFP Program compared to researching on your own (ex. Reading Books) is that it is already explained in a Filipino financial setting. Usually financial books in circulation are foreign books that still need to be analyzed as to whether it is applicable for us Filipinos.”

Alcera, Mynel Virginia L.
PNB Life Insurance, Inc
Insurance Advisor

“Attending the RFP Program is one of the best decisions I have made. This program encourages people to do financial planning as early as possible, to save and to invest as soon as you start working. Time is very essential in financial planning. This program is highly recommended especially for personal financial planning.”

Huang, Jenny H.
Uni-Lucky Corp.

“The RFP Program opens up the mind to reality. It makes sense to set goals (Financial) to see where one is headed to. Without a goal, it is very difficult to plan ahead. It is all about control, discipline and consistency to be able to achieve one’s goal in life. Unlike education in a typical school, the RFP Program brings about the application. I believe the financial application is the ultimate way to apply the knowledge of the steps and processes learned in the program. Being an RFP is just a bonus, the real essence of financial planning is for the benefit not only for the individual but for the family and society.”

Cosep, Cesar M.
Service Delivery Engineer
Smartmatic Phils Inc

“I’m very glad to have my RFP Seminar. I am more confident now with my career. Personally it helps a lot in my finances. I can start a new life (2014) rising all my learnings from this seminar. Hurrraay!!! To all behind RFP.”

Montines, Lalaine L.
Sunlife Grepa
Senior Agency Manager

“I really learned a lot from this RFP Program. It’s worth spending hard-earned money in this seminar. I’m encouraged to apply my learnings from this program and I’m excited to apply for RFP Certification. God Bless all the trainers.”

Michael B. Antonio

“RFP Program has given me more confidence on how I do my business. I learned more about different financial aspects of a person.”

Magsalin, Ron Bryan Sun B.
Insurance Agent

“This program will definitely help a lot of people avoid the rat race or to die broke. At first my intention was to have this program for personal use but surprisingly, I intend to do ore that that. it is worth sharing all my learning with my family and friends. Financial freedom here we come!”

Magdaluyo, Kristine R.
Unit Manager
HGST Philippines Corp

“Wonderful learning experience for there who would like to plan their own finances and aid for most, learn while helping others.”

Sing, Peter G.
iOptions, Pan de Pidro

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