RFP® Testimonials

“The RFP program shows the different aspects of finances that a person needs to plan out. As a participant, I learned a lot in these 8 sessions. The speakers are very competent and knowledgeable. Though the topics discussed are different from each other, they are very much related and need to be considered in financial planning. Overall, the program equips me as a financial advisor to better serve my clients and to plan out how to reach their goals. Financial planning has never been more relevant especially now that we are experiencing a pandemic. Thank you, RFP, and more power!”

Noreen Tautho
Financial Advisor
Manulife Philippines

“The way the sessions were handled was very refreshing esp since the topic was about taxation which can be serious and boring. Prof Xy handled all discussions and questions well and with expertise. There was never a dull moment.”

Noreen Tautho
Financial Advisor
Manulife Philippines

“It was great listening and learning from the experts and experienced financial practitioners. The lessons are not just theoretical. I appreciate those lessons that are practical and ready to implement. This program also cleared up some of my confusion that arose from reading various materials that everyone can easily find in the internet. Yes, one should know whom to listen to!”

Minviluz Malaluan

“I am a Financial Consultant in Singapore since 2013. I always study to enhance my knowledge and skill in helping my clients reach their financial goals unbiased. After attending the session with RFP, I felt more equipped and knowledgeable in more aspects such as taxation and more. What I love about the session is the construction of a financial plan by Randell making complex things simpler. I have been dealing with clients and NOW I feel like I can do better and help OFWs reach their financial goals! A must do course for every Filipinos who wants to achieve greater attainment of their financial goals.”

Medz Ron Macasaet
AIA Singapore Pte Ltd
Financial Services Consultant

“RFP Trainings are very useful not only in the field that I am in but also it can be used in all of other aspects. I have learned so much!!! I am excited to apply it :)”

Ramona Day P. Libang
Sun Life of Canada Phils. Inc.
Unit Manager

“The trainings were very good learning for us to become a good Financial Planner.”

Moncito Regondon Jr.
Contracts Advisor

“One of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Highly recommended!”

Rachel Anne D. Lopez
Associate Reconciliation Specialist

“The program provided us with a comprehensive understanding of the whole financial planning process, including detailed discussions on investment planning, tax and estate planning, and insurance planning. This will be very helpful in guiding my clients with their own customized financial plans.”

Ranel Toledo
Sun Life

“The entire RFP program was enlightening. The sessions were insightful. The facilitators were able to balance between discussing the key concepts and providing real-life scenarios / practical applications for each of the concepts.”

Maria Isabella V. Militante
Quality Team Lead

“Sir Randell provided very honest feedback and practical examples feedback on the financial planning situation in the Philippines.”

Mr. Erick Contreras
Managing Director
BASF Vietnam Company Ltd.