RFP® Program has answered a lot of questions and brought a lot of necessary information to be able to establish a strong financial foundation. It was able to differentiate different types of products/investment/protection plans which are currently being offered in the market today.
Lastly, it has affirmed my plan in fulfilling (my goals) and it has a great impact to our society.

Sarmiento, John Patrick
Support Analyst
Batch 29

The RFP® Program has given me the confidence and credibility to be considered an expert in my field. As a life planner, the concepts of RFP® only reinforce in my mind the true value of life insurance and financial literacy in the lives of Filipinos.

Pineda, Jonathan
Life Planner
Sony Life Insurance (Phils.) Corp.
Batch 29

RFP® made me more confident in my job as Sales Manager. I am now more knowledgeable in different aspects of financial planning, which makes my job as a leader, motivator and recreator (of Insurance agent) easier!

Gabriel, Joie
Insular Life
Batch 29

I learned a lot from RFP, not only for my professional life but also for my personal growth as well. I really appreciated how useful and practical the course was, since it didn’t only discuss abstract principles, but real care studies and actual laws applicable to things commonly encountered by an ordinary layman. It takes complicated topics and simplifies them so that they can be easily understood and implemented. It is not only a great crash course of personal finance for newbies but also great supplement for the veterans.

Cocabo, Jessica Jean Kristine
Financial Consultant/Owner
Pru Life UK/Moshi Moshi
Batch 30

Every person made me think about my personal finances. It was the best learning/investment I’ve ever had. (It) made me realize that becoming a millionaire, living a comfortable life is easy discipline. A proper planning can help me attain my life’s objectives.

Labitoria, Ivana Grace
Treasury Associate
Ayala Land, Inc.
Batch 30

The whole program has reinforced me with a lot of important facts that has been foreseen somewhere along the lines. Its mentors and my batch mates also made the experience memorable. I highly recommend this seminar.

Lacuanan, Daniel Duke
Financial Adviser
Insular Life
Batch 30

I’ve been reading a lot of financial and investment books and joining RFP confirms and also answers some of my questions regards to enhancing my finances. RFP course give a wholistic approach to managing personal finance as well as detailed approach.

Suyao, Merisa
Gulmabal Bake Shop/Sanispring Water Refilling Station
Batch 30

I highly recommend this program to my fellow doctors, usually doctor’s starts late when it comes to building their assets and financial planning is very important. This is one of the best knowledge investments I made.

Gutierrez, Felix Emmanuel
Physician, Anesthesiologist
Self Employed
Batch 30

The program has helped me confirm my questions regarding financial planning and its purposes.
As a person, I have become more cautious and concrete of my financial investments. I have become happier and appreciative of my decision in life.
More power RFP!
I hope and pray that I join you as a RFP myself.

Tabobo, Jose Mari
HR Assistant Manager
G4S Holding Inc.
Batch 30