RFP® Testimonials

“Learned a lot of different perfective in personal finance!”

Villoria, Eduardo O. Jr.
E&R Insurance Agency, Inc
Batch 33

“More practical and applicable…”

Betita, Exahacion Aida
Unit Manager
Insular Life
Batch 33

“RFP is a great program on the fundamentals/function of Financial Planning. You learn and get closely connected with great names who lecture very well in their topics of expertise.”

“I would recommend this to my fellow managers/lecturers to make their agent/financial advisors, who are serious in this business to similar courses, to broaden and deepen their knowledge to financial planning practice.”

Jacob, Ida
District Sales Manager
Insular Life
Batch 33

“The program enables the expert in their specific industry like a good stock investor with insurance agent to professionalize their practice. For people who are just starting their literacy, the program will open to all possible opportunities.”

Sy, Joel T.
Sy Accounting and Consultancy Services
Batch 33

Being a mom is great preparation to being a financial planner, and joining this RFP Program becomes great foundation to being a mom not just to my own household but also to my clients.

Ramos, Edilyn Kristel A.
IT Engineer
Trend Micro,Inc
Batch 33

The program has helped me a lot. It has acquainted me with problems and possible solutions as a financial planner should be.

Delos Reyes, Ellen O.
Prulife U.K.
Batch 33

Value for money training! Because of what I learned from RFP, I will be able to provide better service to my clients.

Jalijali, Olivia M.
Financial Advisor
Philam Life
Batch 33

I still need more practice to be able to write testimonial stories.

Zornosa, Emerita M.
Finance Country Lead
NCR Corp (phils)
Batch 33

I learned a lot on how to manage my finances. Thank you!

Son, Ma. Pamela R.
Ashta Holidasy Travel and Tours
Batch 33

Informative, educational and enlightening!

Taningco, Jose David R.
Financial Advisor
Philam Life
Batch 33