This program helped me confirmed my goals and plans to pursue financial management career. I really believe that every Filipino needs to be educated in the area of financial planning. I look forward to be actively involved in promoting RFP’s advocacy as well as really changing a lot of people.

Galang, Jay C.
Nutriwealth Producers Cooperative.
Batch 25

The program is very informative. It gives me a better perspective of my financial goals and how to achieve them. It is also a good guide on handling my personal finance. I strongly recommend it to my friends.

Lasquety, Irma M.
Consultant (Free lance)
Batch 24

Yes and No!

Yes, RFP will realize will help you realize that the best time to eliminate DEBT, set-up Savings and venture on INVESTMENTS was 10 years ago; and the next best time is now!

And No, it is not a waste of time and Money.

Ortuoste, Maribeth Consuelo S.
DBP – Trust Services
BEOI/Asst. Manager
Batch 24

Knowledge gained was very practical and useful. The program was conducted in a way that it did not alienate those without finance background. I will definitely recommend this program to my friends and family.

Leyritana, Rica M.
Bank of Commerce
Channel Manager
Batch 24

The program is informative and it is an eye-opener for the average individual. It integrates a cohesive approach to personal planning by developing a financial plan that is suitable to an individual’s different need.

Lee, Marvin
Calypso Plastic Center Co.
Asst. Manager
Batch 24

The program helped me a lot professionally as an accountant and personally as an OFW Beneficiary to better understand and handle my family’s financial finances and be of help through consultation for others.

Magaspac, Cristina Nira
Batch 23

Taking this financial planning course has been such a learning experience, and by far the best birthday present I’ve given myself. It has given me a better perspective on my personal finances, and life in general.

Castillo, Catherine
Call Center Agent
Telephilippines Inc.
Batch 23

I would like to recommend the RFP program to every Filipino. It tackles financial management, investment planning, insurance planning and many more important concepts. The program really helped me improve my career. RFP is the best!

Berin, Aldrin
Financial Adviser
Batch 23

The RFP reminds you that financial health is just as important as physical health, and gives you the tools to diagnose, treat, & improve your financial condition. The knowledge & skills imparted are useful, even necessary as companions with you throughout the different life stages. It helps you bridge the gap between where you are, & where you want to be.

Cuenco, Jaime
Assistant Manager
Batch 23

The RFP Program made me a better “financial” person. It helps me perform my job better, giving a clear picture and perspective of people & their finances and financial position.

Maniquis, Leileeni
Branch Head
Batch 23