The RFP® program was great, very helpful! (I) wanted to use it in my personal finance, and then practice giving client’s financial advice. Each part of the module is great. I particularly like investment (topic) because I want my money to grow. But every other topic balances it out. If there are pluses there are minuses, income, expenses, assets and liabilities are able to find out equity. Overall, practice makes perfect.

Untalan, Rommela
Batch 23

Excellent line up of speakers. Superior package of practical learning tools. I have gained valuable insight and inspiration to apply my learning in my personal financial plan, and influence others to follow the same path. I highly recommend this course both to finance professional and non-finance.

Chavez-Catacutan, Estelita
Deputy Executive Director
ABS-CBN Bayan Foundation. Inc.
Batch 2

I joined the RFP® program simply to have the title attached to my name. It never occurred to me that finishing this course could be a life alternating experience in a very practical way.
Now, I can’t wait to practice it for myself and family, and later on, to spread what I know to my friends and clients. Thank You RFP® for financial enlightening me.

Cruz, Yan
Batch 23

All the learning was so appropriate and timely for us since were already preparing for our retirement plan. We can also share some learning to the call center agent trainees of our school. This deepens our advocacy to help Filipinos become financially prepared for the future.

Ramos, Glad
Manulife Philippines
Unit Manager
Batch 24

The program helped me discover my potential in becoming a legitimate financial planner. The knowledge I gained are very practical and useful to achieve our financial goal as a family, and I look forward to apply it and be of help to people who needs sound financial advice in the future.

Franco, Evelyn
Batch 24

The program helped me in my objective in life. It concretized what I wanted to do to prepare for the future. The program gives new insight and idea on how to approach and prepare for the future. If one wants to have a sound future, it is highly recommended.

Velonza, Ian
Batch 24

The RFP® seminars which spanned in 8 modules have become almost like a journey for me. It changed me from a financially naïve person to a financially learned person. Now my next personal agenda is to carry out what I’ve learned from these seminars, and help to advocate financial planning to other people that I know.

Safar II, Mohammad-Khayer M.
University of Perpetual Help System Dalta

The program gave me a road map on how to do financial planning. It gave me new concepts as well as refreshed some ideas/concepts that were already taught in school. It gave me a new appreciation of the excel program. I hope the program will help me drive behavior to achieve my goals as well as help others their goals.

Yu, Lawrence
Novel Capital / Seaoil Phils.
Batch 25

With knowledge, comes great power. I realized this when I joined the RFP® program. We have the power to control our destiny. After completing the program, I feel empowered and very excited to put everything I learned into practice.
The RFP® program has introduced financial concepts and strategies, which I can use to plan the future.

Matiga, Menchie M.
Cochingyon & Peralta Law Office
Batch 25

The course re-confirmed what I already know, more importantly a more detailed way of presenting financial planning. It also helped me a lot in simplifying but covering important/significant concepts to better explain and make us or clients understand financial planning.
The professor also taught us the other sides of being financially adept. It is also the significance of the kind of person one should be as an important characteristic of a total financial planner.

Lee, Janette T.
Financial Advisor
Sun life of Canada (Phils.) Inc.
Batch 28