The RFP program has validated the ideas and practice that I have been doing in my profession. It has also given me a whole lot of ideas to be competitive in the financial services industry.

Tuason, Francis Antonio
Insular Life
Unit Manager
Batch 34

Great program!! There were no dull session throughout the program and all topics are so interesting! I learned so much that may apply not only to my clients but also to me. This program is highly recommended!

Enriquez, Maria Nerissa C.
Senior Manager
Batch 34

It took me 1 year to prepare and enroll in the Registered Financial Planner program and this is really what I want as a fallback career. I want to attend the program because I want to learn the essentials of financial planning and to take in charge of my money in general. When it comes to money, financial independence is achieved on the way we do, think and say. I want to change my attitude towards money as well as upbringing, my lifestyle and my values. This program is my foundation and my reference. It is my honor to be part of this program, and someday, I can influence others too in planning of their finances.

Lura, Mark Clint I.
Hewlett Packard Philippines
Technology Consultant
Batch 34

While some, if not most, are already part of the company module. RFP gives me fresh perspective being more cohesive in my approach. Have already advised this short course with my term bringing much value for thousands

Cruz, Ramon V.
Sun Life Financial
Unit Manager
Batch 34

Education is really the key to success. Having attended the RFP program provides an approach to view life not just on the financial side but life as a whole and this advocacy I promise to embrace and to share to my family, community and to my countrymen. Long live RFP!

Garrido, Joseph Allen
Junior Assistant Manager
Batch 34

I’m really glad I joined the RFP program. It covered all the important aspects of personal financial planning. The lecturers have an effective and fun approach in explaining the topics. Aside from teaching theories, they also inspire, impart good values and words of wisdom which are also important in money management. After attending the program, I was inspired to take up the advocacy of financial literacy because it is a very effective tool to improve people’s lives.

Suntay, Maria Rosario J.
Joson Realty Corporation
Batch 34

This session is very interesting. Aside from gaining new friends & learning new ideas, this also serves as an eye opener for financial literary awareness for my personal finances and to be able to help the community to achieve financial freedom.

Simator, Hans
Lafarge Cement
Treasurer and Credit Officer
Batch 34

Working as a laboratory scientist for a long time has blinded me with the idea that my future will be secured by working religiously and should not invest because of the risks that comes with it, but attending this program was an eye-opener and helped me tremendously on how to do financial planning not just for me but also for family, friends and other allied medical professionals. This program is highly recommendable to everyone. Thank you RFP.

Victoria, Wendy T.
Financial Specialist
Batch 34

The program showed me that you should prepare for all eventualities. Furthermore, financial planning is all encompassing in terms of all aspects of daily life. It’s not just for those in the finance industry but for everyone.

Dela Paz, Adrian Andrew F.
Metis Etrade,Inc
Financial Consultant Trainee
Batch 34

I have been in the insurance business for five years now. I got invited to join one insurance company from which I claimed insurance due to my husband’s death. My husband did a good job to provide our family’s future financial security. Perhaps, it is providential that I found myself in the insurance industry now. As a financial advisor, I feel that I have to equip myself to make me assume my role competently. As a financial advisor, I want to be better rounded so that at least I can serve my clients better. By attending this program, the more I feel the need to know more to sharpen my knowledge of financial planning. It has given me a broader review of what I need to learn more.

Delos Santos, Oly S.
Pioneer Your Insurance
Financial Advisor
Batch 34