RFP® Testimonials

“Will definitely use the learnings in the future both for clients and myself. Good insights and wonderful learning experience, supplementing to what is already learned.”

Gadian, Dixie Ralph G.
Data Encoder
Prulife/Civil Aviation Authority of the Phil.

“This program has been an eye opener regarding how money could be wisely managed and grown. From someone without a finance background, the information can be overwhelming, but the topics are interesting to know more about.”

Crisostomo, Margarita
Jr. Teacher
Prep Camp

“RFP program is the key in projecting financial journey from dream to reality. This is the best program that matches my passion and financial goals towards financial freedom.”

Festijo, Shiena
Project Accountant

“The program showed me that financial planning is not just about saving and investing but that you also need to manage risks. The program was very helpful in equipping me with knowledge of what is needed to comprehensively plan for financial freedom.”

Chaingan, Kat Vital

“RFP introduced me to the concept of behavioral economics and helped me become aware of my personal financial habits. The program fueled my desire for a “Brighter Future” achieved through proper financial planning & effective execution. I now look forward to living a financially – sound life and hoping to share my learnings with others, I seek to make a difference in other people’s lives through freedom from debt, sound investments and improvement of their quality of life.”

Ocampo, Larissa
Space Planner

“The RFP program helps me to become aware of my own financial status and the things that I need to do in order for me to attain my financial goals. Besides, it gives me the courage to pursue this career with a vision to help other people in their finances. I highly recommend this program to every individual who believes in the importance of financial literary.”

Esteban, Sarah Grace
Commission on Audit

“The most comprehensive financial training I’ve ever attended, it reinforced my stock knowledge and gave me fresh insights on financial planning. Thus, keeping me mentally engaged all the time. All the RFP advocates are experts on their respective fields, passionate and committed to spreading financial literacy to all Filipinos.”

Do, Maria Eliza

“The program is informative and serves as a useful guide to everybody in the area of personal finance regardless of age and financial status. It teaches everybody the steps in setting financial goals and the necessary actions and kind of discipline to achieve such goals. Participants can share with others what he or she has learned in the program so that they become aware of the different aspects of financial planning.”

Sumo, Ruben M.
Finance Executive
California Mfg. Co.

“The RFP program bridges the gap between what I do as a professional and what I am passionate about. It made me appreciate even more the concepts of finance and how it can be use in my personal life. This program has equip me with not only technical but practical tools as well that I can implement.”

Regala, Allan Dave
Financial Accountant
Hyder Consulting

“This RFP course has been a great learning process for me coming from many years of manufacturing background. This will help me in my new career in financial planning to first help me personally & then help my clients in the financial planning business. “

Rebosura, Corazon Joyce R.
Financial Advisor