RFP® Testimonials

“Registered Financial Planners’ Course is highly recommended for people who want to learn about personal finance in all aspect. And for those people who are in financial company to have further studies and upgrade their (learning) education and expertise. It’s worth your time and money.”

Fedillaga, Shirleen
Sun Life Financial
Unit Manager

“The RFP Program is a life skill. Everything is valued added!”

Buenaventura, Dionisia C.
TI (Philippines), Inc.

“The program gives me fresh insights about investment and retirement planning. I am more eager to plan my investment and retirement program.”

Fallarme, Damaso D.
Manicad Ong Dela Cruz & Fallarme Law Office

“RFP  Program showed me a lot of ways on how to invest money. It also made me realize that money should work for me therefore I should diversify investments. At the same time I should help and encourage my peers, friends, and family to handle their money right.”

Mercado, Josephine E.
HM Transport Inc
Mgt. Trainee

“As an aspiring entrepreneur, I learned a lot in terms of planning and budgeting. They discussed the different aspects that any business owner should know. I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in getting their money in place and allocated for specific purposes in mind.”

Mercado, Marice E.
hm Transport Inc

“This is a great program for professional and personal education. It’s a good vehicle for financial literacy and education, and it gives participants a different, more practical view on investing and planning for their financial lives. The instructors are accomplished and competent and give useful insights on the hurdles we as Filipinos, must overcome to have more control over our financial/economic decisions. The program and the application of the acquired knowledge and skills can help Filipinos realize their dreams for financial and economic improvement.”

De Leon, Leonard Frederick S.
Deutsche Knowledge Services PTE. Ltd
Testing Analyst

“A very beautiful opportunity to understand the finance world, to improve cash flow and have more investment portfolio. The topic helps me a lot in realization and confirmation of the wisdom I have. This will help a lot to encourage my friends to properly improve their cash flow.”

Aurelio, Alex G.
Real Estate Sales Agent
Urban Institute

“The RFP Program is the save front of financial literacy in the Philippines.”

Miralles, Christian Lorden A.
Pagibig Fund

“I am absolutely grateful that I got to know about the RFP Program. I have and will continue to recommend this program to friends and relatives, it is not only for those who want to become RFPs but people can also take this for personal growth.”

Panaligan, Antonio L.

“What I liked most about the RFP Program are the very competent lecturers. They made the lectures so engaging and interesting even to non-finance persons like me. I wish I have taken this course earlier.”

Dimapilis, Emelita Asuncion S.
Department of Science and Technology
Research Officer