RFP® Testimonials

“I expected to learn on how I can help myself fix my finances. I expected to know and be able to define my goals after listening to all speakers. I expected to understand how this program can assist me on my journey to financial freedom. But this program did not meet my expectations. Why? Because it immensely exceeded everything! I thought that this program was for me but after all the sessions, I realized that this is an advocacy this is something that can help me change the world one financial plan at a time. This program change my life and it will change your too if you put your heart on this advocacy. I honor each speaker, organizer and staff who made this possible. Thank you!”

Lubaton, Mayi
COL Financial

“The RFP program have taught me a lot of things to better my position in regards to managing my money, not only that it help me in my personal finance but it also gave me the opportunity to share it to others because I’ve experienced its benefits first hand.”

Lee, Abraham
Field Service Engineer
Ecolutia Services Inc.

“With years of experience as a financial practitioner, I still find the RFP program information and essential. I encourage everyone to enroll in the program to be able to create a personal financial plan at least, to them.”

Lim, Dennis Carlson
Unit Manager
Pioneer Life Inc.

“I really enjoyed my RFP class. I learned a lot of things regarding money and taxes. I really learned a lot from estate taxation and how to beat the tax system. The government really shows you that these are two types of people. One for the informal and one for the ignorant, it is really sad that the government take advantage of the ignorant but it is our duty as RFP to help people manage debt and reduce the burden of excess taxation when it cover to estate settlement.”

Sta. Maria, Adrian
Operation Manager
ADSM Corporate Treasure

“Registered financial planner institute gave me reason to pursue my career as financial advisor. It helps me to be more passionate in helping people manage their finance and help them achieve financial freedom.”

Gagni, Christopher Allen
Financial Analyst

“The RFP program expanded my knowledge in financial planning and life planning. It corrected misconceptions & strengthen my belief about money. The speakers are effective in the programs objectives. Good job!”

Del Rosario, Reynaldo  Jr. 
Internal Auditor

“Almost all theories I learned in school were applied in a practical sense, all for application in personal finance. This is a program that all Filipinos must take and put into practice. The program opened my eyes on the things I am missing and the program gave me a hope that there can be solutions to be future-ready. It also opened my eyes that there are lots of things that Filipinos should need to learn. Congrats RFP! May you continue to influence more people! More powers!”

Bangunan, Daphne Gay
Financial Planner
Philam Life