The course was able to provide me with better insight, knowledge and resources to achieve financial growth. The learning that I gained shall equip me to face finance management head on and at the same time share my experience with my family, friends and teammates at work. Taking up the RFP course is definitely a positive course. The lessons just get better and better as we progress in our class. I will definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to learn about financial management kudos to the organizers!

Galido, Julie C.
MyoutDesk Inc
Operations Manager
Batch 34

I have some academic background on financial management, but personal financial planning appears to be a more challenging activities. I find it more informative and eye opener to be with the program.
Thank you!

Lopez-Rodriguez, Sonia
Bureau of Export Trade Promotion- DTI
Division Chief
Batch 34

The experience with the program was great and enlightening, coming from a medical background with a little knowledge in finance. This was very helpful and also a humbling one because all the lecturers advocates are giving back to community even with all their success.
More power to RFP, Inc.

Ugay, Noel
Ugay Rice Mill
Batch 34

Thank you very much RFP for the education, financial literacy is a practical life essential I didn’t encounter thru all my years in medical school. This experience is something I wish to impart with other people. More power RFP!!!

Villapando, Paulo V.
Private Practice
Batch 34

The entire course is very informatics and I’m sure it would help me a lot in doing my own financial personal planning and at the same time prepare for my retirement with confidence.

Chua, Betty Sy
Managing Director
Batch 34

Best Education I’ve ever had.

Paunte, Alpha Angela
Jack and Gel Kitchen
Batch 34

Thank you for I gained knowledge from the lecture.

Ahorro, Hilera
Blush Nail Spa
Batch 34

The RFP program is amazing and eye opener! I consider it a blessing because the knowledge I acquired will affect my life and my future. The courses I’ve attended are very relevant, practical and straight forward and very useful in everyday living. I will recommend the course to people I know, it is for everyone. God bless!

Hablero, Gary
GH Heritage Realty Inc.
Batch 34

I learned so much in this seminar. It is very much linked to my advocacy of personal effectiveness. I am glad that I took the seminar because it is not only enlightening butalso a good catalyst for changing & improving lifestyle, behavior & financial wellness & mindsets.

Cheong, Vibes

At first, I wasn’t so sure how RFP class will improve my knowledge and acquired skill. I am CPA, a real estate broker and financial consultant of PruLIfe U.K. but I don’t have best knowledge how to do the very best and suitable plan for me until I graduated from this class. Thank you so much to all the resource persons for all the valuable insights and lectures. I am now sure that I can be at best for every financial plan and decision I will make for myself and prospects.

Galo, Norminda R.
PruLife U.K
Financial Consultant
Batch 34