The program is comprehensive yet delivered in a simple way that even non-finance people can understand and relate to. It is recommended even for those who are intending to pursue a career in personal financial planning.

David, Thedd Wilvher
Batch 30

RFP helped me a lot! Personally and professionally, as a sales trainer for a life insurance, it gave me a deeper perspective on the technical side of financial planning and taught me how to apply the practical side of it as well.

Verano, Carlo Manuel
Regional Trainer
Insular Life Assurance Company
Batch 30

RFP Program is a well-minded, fun and comprehensive tool towards financial literacy. This program exceeds my expectation and outperformed my entire knowledge in financial arena. It is also a venue where you will realize your knowledge is just a tip of an iceberg until such time you were immersed in the program. Well recommended either for personal or clientele’s use! Thumbs up for financial speaker experts!

Combis, Ahlyn
Bancassurance Sales Executive
BPI -Philam Life Assurance Corp.
Batch 29

As a consultant on the Value and Advantage Life Insurance provides to an individual and family, it is my responsibility and duty that I give the best advice and solution for every situation that they may encounter. Armed with the best training in the industry that RFP provides, gives me more confidence and conviction to carry on with my work and be of great service to all of my clients.

Buenaventura, Rani
Life Planner
Sony Life Insurance (Phils.) Corp
Batch 29

The RFP program is like a “renaissance” for people who planned to take control of their finances. Topics are very enlightening and substantial in helping others to reach financial freedom. I would highly recommend it to my friends, family and all people I know.

Cabatan, Joycelyn
Property Specialist
Avida Land Corp.
Batch 29

The course is very informative and makes personal financial planning easily understood by all, not just accountants. The concepts taught are very novel and practical such as treating the household as a business enterprise. The methodology taught for financial planning analysis is very structured and can be easily applied.

Go, Annabelle T.
Philippine Airlines
Batch 28

I am satisfied that I took this course at an early age. It made me realize how expensive it is to be ignorant, now I don’t have any more excuse to remain apathetic about my finances. I’ve never understood how important it is to be prudent: to prepare oneself for financial stability, independency and sustainability until now. The 8 Saturdays changed my view towards life, and more importantly it made me understand how my learning would affect not only myself but hopefully the community in the long run.

Rodas, Karyll L.
Senior Transaction Processing Specialist
JP Morgan and Chase Bank,NA
Batch 28

This is the best investment I made. What I like about the program is that the resource persons were able to simplify financial concepts and made them understandable even for persons without any financial background.

Aseron, Ildrian Joseph T.
Corporate Secretary
Home Development Mutual Fund

Originally, I was only hoping to learn more about estate planning and get the RFP title. To my surprise, I learned far more than what I expected that even in my daily living, I became aware and mindful of my daily cash flow. A great course!

Domantay, Warren M.
Farmacia Ni Dok Incorporated
Batch 28

Learning about Personal Finance is essential for each and everyone. Here in RFP the holistic approach integrating the seemingly very different disciplines in personal finance helped me see things in a different light.

Ang, Gayzelle Valerie H.
Financial Advisor
Sun life of Canada (Phils.) Inc.
Batch 28